Frequently Asked Questions
1) What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Cloud computing service in which software is centrally hosted & distributed and made available to customers over the internet.

2) How do I use WazInsure?

Request a callback to be set up on the WazInsure platform.

3) What products can run on WazInsure?

WazInsure is developed to deliver across multiple business lines; You configure the desired products from the system.

4) Does WazInsure exist in my country?

Yes, WazInsure is cloud-based and you can work from anywhere!

5) Will there be limits to data uploads to WazInsure?

No, storage is unlimited in WazInsure.

6) Can I send Emails and SMSs?

Only Premium and Advanced clients can send out Emails and SMSs alerts.

7) How do I contact the WazInsure Support?

You get easy access to our Support team by going to the Wazinsure Portal and submitting a support request. This is the fastest way to hear back from a Support Engineer that will be ready to assist you. Alternatively you can send us an email via relations@wazinsure.com or call us on the number +254 774 803070 .